A successful cryopreservation program has become the onus of fertility clinics all over. Importantly, as ‘freeze all’ cycles are slowly making inroads, the dependence on an effective cryopreservation program is the need of the hour.

Vitrification has been the choice lately for cryopreservation and can have slight variations depending upon the temperature, cryo devices and the brand of the media. Nevertheless, the basic principle and protocol are similar considering all these factors. Vitrification procedure is accomplished with the help of the available Vitrification media. The embryos are subjected to ES (Equilibration media) followed by its incorporation into VS (Vitrification media) before they are loaded on to a cryo device and plunged into liquid nitrogen. As an embryologist, it has always been found that Vitrification is more daunting to master than ICSI or other procedures. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exhaustive learning module with respect to the same. Fertility clinics do not follow a standard training program for Vitrification which may result into incompetency of the operator, poor survival rates and fluctuations in results!

Also you need to find out if you need a cable gland that comes with protective plating for corrosion protection. Generally, you need to consider these factors if you need to work in specific environments. Apart from this, you need to find out about the materials the electrical enclosures are made from. There can be serious side effects if you don’t use compatible metals. Another important factor to consider is to check the entry hole of the cable, especially the type and size of it with respect to the electrical equipment you are going to attach it to. Other things that you need to consider include the entry thread seal, shrouds, and earth tags, just to name a few. At times, you also need stopper plugs or reducers.



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